Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan BBMP Public School

A Joint Project with Rotary Bangalore Indiranagar and Suprajit Foundation

The need for education is becoming imperative for the nation’s development index and a stable society. Shaping the lives of children of marginalized sections of society by providing education is perhaps the most important aspect of nation building. India is a signatory to United Nation’s Child Rights convention which mandates universal primary education.

Staying committed in its mission of value-based nation building, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, partnered with Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike to start a school that imparts quality education to children from weaker sections of society.

In a sprawling built up area of 31,933sq.ft. Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s BBMP Public school at Srirampuram, Bangalore consists of 22 class rooms supported by a well stacked library, Computer Lab, Physics Lab, Biology Lab, chemistry Lab, and a huge playground.

This school strives to blend heritage, culture, values and wisdom of ancient India, with constantly changing dynamics of ideals and aspirations. This school seeks to develop every student into a self-reliant, socially valuable disciplined and ethical citizen. With classes from kindergarten to Class X, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s mission is to induce a progressive change in the tender minds, sow the seeds of positive approach and nurture their thought process to face the challenges of life.

The well-trained staff and the system at Bhavan’s school has adopted the basic approach of tapping and nurturing the unique potential of every child with adequate environmental inputs that lays special emphasis on Indian culture in a composite form.

The Uniqueness of Bhavan’s Schools
  • Impart quality education under CBSE format by trained and qualified teachers
  • Multi-disciplinary approach which helps students to develop their personality.
  • Build competencies and encourage healthy competition across faculties.
  • Complete infrastructure – Airy furnished class rooms, fully equipped laboratories, state of the art computers and student friendly software, resourceful library with books, journals, audio-video learning materials, hygienic rest rooms, comfort stations and sports facilities.
  • Specially trained teachers to ensure success in academics along with nurturing innate talents and skills of children.
  • Efficient management and monitoring by persons of eminence.
  • Special efforts to promote Indian art and culture.


  • Qualified and Experienced
  • Committed
  • Loving and Caring
  • Friendly

Teaching Method

  • Scientific
  • Modern
  • Appropriate


  • Student and Teacher’s Computer Centre
  • Resource Room
  • Sick Bay
  • Sports Kits and Goods

Aesthetic Development

  • Music (vocal and instrumental)
  • Dance (Classical and Folk)
  • Drawing and painting
  • Clay Modeling

Developing Civic Sense

  • Through Scouts and

Guide Programs

  • Road Sense through Road

Debates and Elocutions

  • Patriotism by Celebrating

Safety Petrol

  • National Pride through N.C.C.

Social Involvement

  • Co-operation throughproject work
  • Team Games for Team Spirits
  • Pastoral Care through House


  • Leadership Qualities
  • Personality Development
  • Public speaking through

National Days

  • Character Building through

Value Education

  • Visit to Old Age Homes for Empathy

Field Experience

  • Firsthand experience throughfield visits
  • Conservation of nature through Projects (rain harvesting, tree planting, plastic removal etc.)
  • Student exchange programs
  • Nature camps