Mridanga Classes By Vidwan Sagar N Vasishta

Vidwan Sagar N Vasishta's influence in music was seeded at home, by his grandfather Mridangam Vidwan Late Ulsoor S Shanmukha. Instrumental in fostering his passion for Mridangam was none other than Ganakalabhushana Late Dr. T. A. S Mani, who chiselled his talent. Vidwan Sagar's accomplishment lies in his style of accompaniment which has been greatly praised by senior musicians. Following in his late guru's footsteps, Vidwan Sagar teaches Mridangam at Kala Bharati and wishes to proffer his knowledge to music enthusiasts.

Classes Available @ #43 Race Course Road, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Bengaluru 560001

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