Karnataka Centers

Bhavan Kodagu, Kendra

Located in the lap of nature, Bhavan’s Kodagu Kendra was established on 21st February 2001. This Kendra is known for initiating several rehabilitation programs such as ‘Yashasvi’ for the natives of Coorg especially after the 2018 landslides which resulted in the loss of properties, livelihoods, homes and lives of many people, especially in Kalur which bore the brunt of this deep disaster.

‘Yashasvi’ was brought together to revive the lost livelihoods of people in Kalur. To give wings to the women of Kalur, Project Coorg initiated a skill development program in culinary and tailoring for women, and were given step by step assistance to help set up entrepreneurial ventures. Today these women have put the bitter memories of the natural disaster behind them and look forward to the future with vigour and confidence.

Bhavan Mysuru, Kendra

Located in the heart of Mysuru city, Vijayanagara, this Kendra was established in 1983 and has been functioning from its own premises since 2003. As the cultural capital of Karnataka, the Mysuru Kendra has been active in promoting cultural, educational and social activities.

Bhavan Shivamogga, Kendra

The Shivamogga Kendra was established in June 1994. This center was fortunate enough to have seen the leadership of one of the most eminent personalities of our country Late Justice Dr M. Rama Jois. This Kendra is known for its Dr D. Krishnamurti and Smt. D. Shakuntalamma Memorial School, a magnificent structure in remembrance of Malnad’s Doctor.

Bhavan Mangalore , Kendra

The Mangalore Kendra was started in the year 1971 to cater to the cultural and educational needs of the local citizens. This Kendra eventually moved to its own premises in February 1979.

Bhavan Belgaum, Kendra

The Belgaum Kendra was started in the year 1987 and one of the best schools in the city, Bhavan’s Srinivas Shanbhag English Medium High School was established in June 2001.