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PG in Counselling and Pshychotherapy

The world we live in moves at a lightning speed. Our never-ending quest to be better than the next person has tossed us in a vicious typhoon, mercilessly churning us round the clock. To meet the daily demands of personal and professional lives, we have stretched ourselves beyond our dimensions which has resulted in a hazardous lifestyle.

The limitless stress of balancing work and life, the need for modern-day validation from social media trends doubled with generation gaps and superficial expectations from relationships have seen a spike in mental health issues.

Depression, anxiety, panic attacks, unresolved issues and other psychological problems today need guilt-free platforms for expression, and at the same time requires well-trained manpower to help the affected, combat and instil a positive frame of mind.

To promote the concept of positive mental health education and break the stigma surrounding the same, Manasa Educational Foundation for Mental Health was formed.

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Bengaluru joined hands with Manasa to bring 3 courses in counselling a decade ago, and have successfully created a stream of qualified mental health professionals.

  • Graduate degree in any discipline from a recognized university

  • This course lays a firm foundation in counselling and introduces the students to guidance, professional counselling and provides an in-depth study in methods and techniques.

  • A course designed due to the surge in mental health issues in children. This course focuses on childhood developmental disorders and the various methods and techniques to be practised to counsel children

  • A course created to train students to counsel corporate professionals, and help them deal with work-related stress which further contributes to depression and other health issues. Organizational psychology, problems, legal issues and other subjects are covered under this course.
  • Course Fee Rs. 21,500/- (Inclusive of 18% GST)

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